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Tuesday 15 June, 4.30–6.30pm
Compost opens online on Tuesday 16 via zoom on Eventbrite - in conjunction with the Launch of PARSE Journal issue #13, On the Question of Exhibition.

Joining from The Showroom are Elvira Dyangani Ose, Lily Hall and myself. Joining from PARSE are Nick Aikens, Jyoti Mistry and Mick Wilson

PAY: all participants are paid according to their organisational status with PARSE and with The Showroom.

Wednesday 16 June, 6–7pm
Composting ideas around art, business and transparency, online talk in conjunction with Trajna Collective’s Summer School at Krater in Ljubljana. Event Link

PAY: Kathrin receives Eur 150 for the talk, trough an EU grant to Krater

Thursday 17 June, 12–2pm
Decision Making Time, together with Wapke Feenstra, going through the material objects in the space, that are directly connected to Myvillages’ work. Zoom link

PAY: internal unpaid Myvillages meeting

Thursday 17 June, 4pm
Maja and Reuben Fowkes and Jen Kratochvil - talking trans-local

PAY: no pay involved

Saturday 19 June, 12–5pm
Digitising the material objects at COMPOST, one by one, with curator and archivist Laura Callegaro, supported by 360 Foundation
Zoom Link

PAY: Laura is paid £200/day through the 360 Foundation, for total 5 days of work

Tuesday 22 June 2–3.30pm
With my colleague Wapke Feenstra from Myvillages, and Jane Scarth and Sofia Victorino, curators of Setting the Table: Village Politics and Rural Assembly, both @Whitechapel, reflecting on The Rural two years on.

PAY: Wapke keeps Kathrin's Eur 200 from a joint talk at University of Kassel earlier this year.

Tuesday 22 June 3.30pm
Chantelle Lue from UBUNGXENYE (Parthood) / School of Commons visits in preparation for a wider sharing of ideas with ߔߎ߯ߟߍ߫ ߞߊ-ߖߊ߬ߣߏ߬ߟߌ߲߯ߗߌ (Pule kaJanolintji) about organising knowledge and data.

PAY: £200 standard The Showroom speaker fee from ACE funding for conversations throughout Compost

Wednesday 23 June 9.30–10.30am
Catherine Gibson from Community Economy Institute on Interdependence and Complicity, an informal presentation and conversation to approach diverse income streams in the arts, and handling the fact that we sustain the system with funders whose ethics we don't share.
Zoom Link

PAY: reciprocal unpaid contribution

Wednesday 23 June at 1.30pm
Avery Gordon, visiting, we decide there and then if to turn on Zoom
No PAY involved

Wednesay 23 June at 3pm
Clare Cumberlidge visiting, together with Ayisha de Lanerolle (tbc)
No PAY involved

Thursday 24 June 9.30–11am
Meeting with Grace Ndiritu to talk about describing and categorising value that go into artistic work and are generated through it.
Zoom Link

PAY: £200 standard The Showroom speaker fee from ACE funding

Thursday 24 June 11–11.20am
Weekly coffee meeting with Mick Wilson and Paul O’Neill.

Thursday 24 June at 3pm
Peter Mutschler from PS2 in Belfast visiting.

PAY: no pay, Peter happens to be in town

Tuesday 29 June 11am–2pm
School visit - workshop - Care about art?
Not public.

Tuesday 29 June 2–3 pm
Meeting Ruth Claxton and Gavin Wade from Eastside Projects , generating and taping metaphors for Eastside Projects in Birmingham.
Zoom Link

PAY: Kathrin to get paid £50

Tuesday 29 June at 4pm
Internal Keep it Complex - Make it Clear, to discuss the dissolving of the collective material archive. Not public.

PAY: not involved

Wednesday 30 June at 6pm
Composting as Archiving, presentations and panel with guest speakers, in partnership with the 360 Foundation. Details to be announced soon.

PAY: in kind and £500 contribution by 360 Foundation

Thursday 1 July at 11am
Meeting Paul O Neill to go through all the printed material from exhibitions curated by Paul, using my posters, together with Eduardo Padilha (tbc).
Zoom link

Thursday 1 July from 4–6pm
Company Drinks Team visit, revisiting the art origins of Company Drinks, to discuss and decide what's still of value and what to carry forward as an organisation.
Zoom link

PAY: usual Company Drinks pay of £12.50/hour paid through the Centre for Plausible Economies

Friday 2 July at 4pm
Céline Condorelli to come to COMPOST to talk about value and function of our shared studio, and what the removal of my objects from the space means for future use.
Zoom link

PAY: swapping art works

Saturday 3 July from 12–4pm

Knowledge sharing and exchange: The Good Food Collective who are linked to Company Drinks in Barking and Dagenham, are visiting The Showroom to meet The Sunflower Cooperative for a knowledge sharing session and food-focused tour around Edgware Road.
Meeting point: 12pm at The Showroom. There will then be a reciprocal trip and knowledge sharing in Barking and Dagenham in September.

PAY: all travel costs to be covered and £250 towards the Sunflower Cooperative from ACE funding

Tuesday 6 July at 2pm
Joon Lynn is coming for a visit, and the experience of two weeks of composting is going to direct the conversation.

PAY: standard £200 fee for speakers at The Showroom, ACE funding

Thursday 8 July at 1pm
Carlotta Jacoby, student CSM MA Arts and Cultural Enterprises - research visit.

PAY: not involved

Thursday 8 July from 2–4pm
Meetup with the curatorial team from Kunstbunker Forum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, to start the editorial work for a Fanzine that captures When Decicions Become Art.
Zoom link

PAY: all in kind

Wednesday 14 July from 12–1.30pm
Meeting with Mick Wilson who instigated a conversation about the role of exhibitions in my practice, together with Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide, Gavin Wade and Franciska Zólyom, all contributors to PARSE magazine issue 13: On the Question of Exhibition.
Zoom link

PAY: PARSE fees to all contributors

Wednesday 14 July from 5–6.30pm
Panel event to discuss the dissolution and discharge of processes and materialities that don't support the ethics of practice. All tbc.

Wednesday 21 July time tbc
Markus Verhagen bringing a group of curatorial students for a "field trip".

Pay: not involved

More dates to be added as soon as they are confirmed.
Please contact me if you would like to meet up at COMPOST
and e-mail kathrin(at)andmillionsandmillions.net

PAY indicates the deal per event (in total Kathrin receives £ 3000 for COMPOST, funded through an ACE projects grant, the standard fee for a solo-exhibition at The Showroom)

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